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Charmin' Chatty

Charmin' Chatty After the success of Chatty Cathy, other Chatty characters were added to the popular line of talking dolls. One of the most successful of these spinoffs was Charmin' Chatty, who first appeared in 1964.

Although little remembered today, Charmin' Chatty was one of the most popular dolls of her time. She was featured in the article on Dolls in the World Book Encyclopedia for several years, and even appeared on the December 7, 1963, cover of the Saturday Evening Post.

One thing that made Charmin' different from the other Chattys - and even from most other dolls - was that she was not classically pretty. With her eyeglasses and tall, lanky figure (the doll stood 25" high), she certainly wasn't going to beat out Barbie for Queen of the Prom.

But the more important difference was that unlike previous Chatty dolls, Charmin' sported a slot in her side into which a child could slide a small record; each record held a number of different phrases for the doll to speak, so that her total number of phrases could be increased from 12 to 120. (She could even speak foreign languages, of course, depending upon the records supplied.)

Charmin' Chatty, like the other dolls in the Chatty family, was immensely popular with little girls for a while, but eventually fell out of favor as more and more talking dolls entered the marketplace; by the middle of the decade, the toyline was gone completely.

But like her siblings, Charmin' still lives on in the memories of those who loved her... and in the hearts of collectors who will shell out top dollar to get a vintage example of the cherished doll.

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