Mystery Date Toys are a super-duper important part of any child's life; often, the world of his or her toys is as real as the material world. Small girls, barely babies themselves, instinctively carry around dolls and hug them close. Toddling boys push around miniature cars and trucks, or carry action figures around like little companions. I know I'm obsessed with my own childhood and everything, but I can remember nearly every single toy I owned from very early on. Why not? Someone once said that the Golden Age was whenever one happened to be ten years old, and he was absolutely correct. Anyway, enjoy reading about some of the toys and other crazy little novelty items of our youth...

Action Jackson
Ants in the Pants
Captain Action
Charmin' Chatty
Coloring Books
The first video games (brief article)
Johnny Seven OMA
Large Size Star Wars action figures
Little Miss No Name
Major Matt Mason
Mars Attacks cards
Mr. Potato Head
Mystery Date
Sea Devils
Sea Monkeys
Secret Sam
Silly Putty
Space Invaders
Strange Change Machine
Troll Dolls
Upsy Downsys
You'll Die Laughing trading cards