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Toys, like people, need best friends. For Barbie, the most famous and reputedly beautiful doll in the world, this closest confidante came in the form of a doll named Midge.

Midge doll Barbie, of course, was the one who got all the attention: she was after all the first real fashion doll; she was gorgeous, had tons of clothes, and dated that total dreamboat Ken. Midge, poor little thing, was always the runner-up - but she faced her constant sidekick status with a smile and a positive attitude. It didn't hurt that she had cute freckles and blue eyes, and her own Ken in the form of Allan; the two of them double-dated with Barbie and Ken whenever the two couples could get together. (And in the world of Barbie, life is a never-ending carnival of debutante balls, school dances, poolside parties, etc.)

The Midge doll was introduced by Mattel in 1963. The reasoning must have been that, once a little girl had purchased Barbie, Ken, and several items of clothes, there would be no more dolls in the line for her to purchase - and so a new fashion doll was introduced, along with her own array of accoutrements. Goodness knows Midge and Allan made a cute couple, a perfect addition to the growing line of Barbie- branded products.

Alas, it was not meant to last forever. The original Midge went out of production in 1967 - just as youth culture was turning toward psychedelia and all that it entailed. She was quickly replaced by no less than three dolls: mod Stacey, black chick Christie, and flower child P.J. Each of these new girls was far hipper than old-fashioned Midge, and she was quickly forgotten by the fickle female toy-buying public.

Midge would stage a startling comeback in the late 80's in the form of California Midge and Cool Times Midge; though still sporting her trademark baby-blues and freckles, she was now contemporary with the times, usually arrayed in day-glo colors and a headband. Before long she metamorphosized into Dance Moves Midge and even - horrors! - pregnant Midge.

Thousands of little girls have loved Midge over the years. Never mind that she's not quite as pretty, not quite as fashionable, and certainly not quite as popular as her oldest and dearest friend. Who cares that she's not top dog? For many of us, she's still our kind of gal.

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