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Ideal's Pepper

Ideal's Pepper doll was marketed as a little sister to their popular Tammy. Pepper was introduced about 1963-4 and stood approximately 9-1/4" tall. The doll was vinyl with painted eyes.

Ideal Pepper doll Pepper came in several variations and formats. Her hair color ranged between blonde, brunette, and redhead, and was styled in different ways. The later Pos'n Pepper version which debuted in 1965 had a slimmer build and slightly different face. All versions, however, featured the same freckles on the doll's cheeks under her eyes.

Appropriate to her being the older Tammy's younger sister, this doll is somewhat shorter; her face and build were originally meant to represent a preteen doll.

Like Tammy, outfits could be purchased separately for Pepper. These included Snow Flake (with sled included) and Teacher's Pet, with school-related items.

Unfortunately the Tammy doll line was only successful for a short time, and Pepper, like the rest of the Tammy family, was gone after about 1966.

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