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Munsters model

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Space Invaders

One key feature of Space Invaders was the fact that as more and more of the aliens were shot, the remaining aliens would move faster and faster. The change in speed was minor at the beginning of a wave, but dramatic near the end. After a wave was completely eliminated, the next wave would begin (slightly lower on the screen) with the original, slow, speed. As it turned out this was not so much of a 'feature' as it was a 'bug'. Due to the way the game updated the screen, when an alien was destroyed the game and screen had one less object to draw and thus could draw the game screen slightly quicker. Since speed governing techniques were yet to be implemented into games, the updating of the screen governed the speed of the game. As more and more aliens were destroyed the game ran faster and faster, giving the false impression that the game was designed to become harder and faster. However, regardless of this, this 'bug' became a popular feature of the game.