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Upsy Downsys

The Upsy Downsys were a line of small dolls and related items (including storybooks and playsets) produced by Mattel in 1969. The characters basically consisted of two different types of figures - the Upsys who were basically human (and right side up), and the Downsys who were weird alien types (and upside-down). The two groups lived together in their 'Happidiculous World'.

Upsy Downsy Despite the brief lifetime of these small (2-1/2" to 4") dolls, there were several brilliantly-colored accessories associated with them. Each doll came with its own plastic playmat base, which could be connected to every other playmat a child owned to create the larger world the characters frequented; but the two known playsets for the line also came with their own playmats. The Happy Go-Round was basically a merry-go-round for the characters' little cars; and the Funny Feeder was a hamburger stand, with its own two figures.

Storybooks were also produced which featured the doll characters in their own world and having innocent adventures; these accustomed children to the odd logic of the Upsy Downsy experience and introduced new characters which could conceivably have been made into dolls at some point. Besides a 1970 coloring book, there were nine storybooks:

Baby So High and The Just Right Pet
Downy Dilly and the Monster Trick
Flossy Glossy and the Hard-to-Find Fire
Miss Information and The Upsy Downsy Circus
Mother What Now and the Mixed-up Treasure
Pocus Hocus and the Magic Tree House
Pudgy Fudgy and the Whirlaround Picnic
Tickle Pinkle and the Beautiful Birthday Party
Welcome to Upsy Downsy Land

Despite the whimsical nature of the characters and their fictional milieu, kids just didn't go for the Upsy Downsys in a big way. Sales were lackluster and after a while the line was shut down. It may have been 1969, but maybe America's young children just weren't ready yet for the Upsy Downsys' super-trippy happadiculousness.

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